BOO Jewellery's accessories are made of the highest quality (925 sterling) silver, Each model or its component detail is completely handmade, with a unique design. Every single model is made on an individual basis, only for you that defines its uniqueness and quality.

The process of creation is purely handmade: starting with design to shaping the silver is made by the artist itself. This makes each piece of jewellery custom made to perfection.

• We use only the highest quality silver (925 sterling).

• We work without any machinery and technics, each model and detail is made by hand.

• BOO Jewellery accessories are created via the European technology specially designed by the brand for working on silver.

• Each jewelry design, shape, idea we offer is unique, copyrighted and belongs only to BOO Jewellery.

• All accessories undergo a special inspection with the main quality control and only then go to the addressee.

• Each model is placed in a branded, handmade packaging that stands out as having an original and refined design.