How to avoid the chaos of the 21st century? What kind of jewelry should we prioritize in our daily lives? Simplicity, modesty, just what is necessary, nothing more! Yes, we are talking about minimalism!

It has been long since the mankind hasn’t settled for less, we want to have what we do not really need, we strive for more to make our daily routine more diverse. It is difficult to maintain interest in monotonous life, so we try our best to escape the simpleness, and it is something superfluous that causes excitement in us - when we can no longer see the charm in the existing humbleness!

The basis of everything is minimalism, which afterwards is adorned with details according to our wishes, no matter if it is a way of life or any of its components.

Less sometimes means a lot ….


Minimalism is the main concept of BOO Jewellery! We offer you silver, minimalist, fully handmade, unique design accessories!

BOO Jewellery was created in October 2018, in Tbilisi, Georgia. It was at this time that the first collection Minimalism & Nothing More was created which turned out to be the beginning of the brand success!

BOO Jewellery accessories are made of the highest quality (925 sterling) silver, each model or its component detail is completely handmade, with a unique, copyrighted design. An individual work is performed on every piece of jewelry, which requires a lot more time and energy, but this is what determines the uniqueness and quality of our accessories.

• We use only the highest quality silver (925 sterling).

• We work without any machinery and technics, each model and detail is made by hand.

• BOO Jewellery accessories are created via the European technology specially designed by the brand for working on silver.

• Each jewelry design, shape, idea we offer is unique, copyrighted and belongs only to BOO Jewellery.

• All accessories undergo a special inspection with the main quality control and only then go to the addressee.

• Each model is placed in a branded, handmade packaging that stands out as having an original and refined design.

Currently, BOO Jewellery is represented in almost 10 countries around the world, including the United States, Italy, France, Japan, Lithuania, Ukraine, etc.

The brand has official representatives in Russia and Ukraine, as well as branches in Moscow and Kyiv.

BOO Jewellery is a participant of one of the large-scale events International Fashion Trade Show “Who's Next”, which was held in September 2019 in Paris. The participation was a success, the brand deserved great interest and since then we have been actively collaborating with showrooms of various countries.

The brand is constantly receiving offers from Trade Shows and Fashion Weeks of different countries, we try to be actively involved in this kind of events in order to be able to successfully demonstrate the brand worldwide.

Check out our blog for successful steps, more news or activities of the brand.

Our team!

BOO Jewellery team is staffed with professionals, all artisans have many years of experience working on silver. We quickly and easily adapt to novelties, constantly strive to improve, develop quality and our work process, add new artisans to our friendly team and periodically attend relevant trainings for the professional development. Permanent process of development, striving for perfection is very important, given is never enough for us.

The main reason for the BOO Jewellery success is our satisfied customers. It is with their positive reviews and support that the brand has managed to establish itself on the Georgian and world markets in the shortest possible time. For us, opinion of each customer is crucial, we are ready to respond quickly and efficiently to every detail or question at any time. Direct and proper communication with customers is our top priority.

And finally!

First of all, there are people standing behind the brand. The people who are wholeheartedly creating interesting, original, unique accessories for you and are constantly waiting for positive, pleasant reviews, which is a great stimulation for us and a desire to develop even more.

BOO Jewellery is a Georgian brand, jewelry of which will never be left out of the spotlight, it will always cause the feeling of admiration, pleasant delight and will become an integral part of your look.


 Think like a minimalist !